Servicing & Maintenance

Gas Heating and Fume Extraction Service & Maintenance

Gas Solutions Ireland provides a complete specification, installation and maintenance cycle for all of our gas heating and extraction equipment.

We specify, install and service warm air, radiant heating, and electric heaters by GoGas and SRP; and the Fumex dust and fume extraction equipment.

Full maintenace programmes are a part of all our installations. This insures efficient and safe operation. It improves the life of the equipment, reduces downtime and breakdowns.

All servicing is carried out in line with reccommendations and standards. We are RGII Registered

We also provide service and preventive maintenance contracts for all space heating gas equipment and dust and fume extraction.

Gas Solutions Ireland is a registered gas installer with RGII.

For Service or call outs contact:

John on 085 224 0141

or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.