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Gas Heating

Radiant gas heating is the most effective commercial heating solution for ware houses, garages, sport halls and retail showrooms. Its also a very effective gas heating solution for heating outdoor terraces, patios and smoking area heating

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Low Intensity Radiant tube heaters, High Intensity Radiant heaters, Variomax Patio Heater for outdoor terraces and smoking areas


Servicing & Maintenance

All gas heating service work is carried out in line with the recommendations from the RGII. We are fully compliant and certified. 

Our clients always say that it is most important that there is someone always available to provide back up and service for the equipment we install. We provide cover all year around so that your business is looked after

Safe, Reliable and trusted work


Fume Extraction

We supply and fit the full range of local extraction equipment, fans and filters for all working environments. All applications are catered for such as welding fume extraction, vehicle exhaust fume extraction, garages, engineering workshops and pharmaceutical fume hoods and fume cupboards

Fumex, based in Sweden, is a leading manufacturer of extraction equipment with installations worldwide. Follow the link below to read more and download our brochures