Electric Heating

Simple, Clean & Fast Electric Heating Solutions

Sometimes gas is not an option. Gas Solutions Ireland provide complete range of ENERGOTECH Electric Heating Systems. These are quality electric radiant heaters designed and built in Sweden. These are ideally suited to a wide range of commercial and hospitality applications such as:

Heating Industrial spaces, offices, work stations, Outdoor terraces and smoking areas in hotels, bars and restaurants. They provide instant heat and be automatically controlled for better operating efficiency. They are aesthetically pleasing and are effective in heights from 2 to 40m

We offer the following quality radiant electric heating products: EnergoStripEnergoCassette

EnergoInfraEnergoLine,  EnergoInfra Industry

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EnergoStrip - Suitable from 2 to 40 m ceiling height, from small bathrooms to large industries

EnergoCassette - For use in false ceilings or directly onto the ceiling. For installation upto 4 m height

EnergoInfra - An aesthetically pleasing IP rated infrared heater suitable for terraces,patios, conservatories

EnergoInfra Industry - Spot heating in larger areas with ceiling heights above 3m and for outdoor use

EnergoLine, Under-bench heating heating system for churches, schools, waiting rooms