Gas Heating

Radiant gas heating solutions for the Commercial & Hospitality Sectors

Exclusive Distributors of the GOGAS range of German made radiant gas heaters. Brochure downloads are available below for our range of radiant gas heating solutions

Radiant Heat, how it works 

Its like the sun on a cold day. Radiant heating produces infrared rays that heat people and objects directly, not the air. These rays of energy are absorbed by cool surfaces which then warm up. The objects in turn release heat into the atmosphere by convection, which raises the ambient temperature. The warmed objects thus create a heatsink which allows allows for quick heat recovery and greater comfort at low temperatures. For these reasons Radiant heating is extremely efficient for large spaces, unlike warmair heaters or floor standing air blowers that heat only the air which in turn is lost to the roof space or outside once a door is opened

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Radiant heating works efficiently both indoors and outdoors (for example at recreation and sports facilities).

The Benefits of Installing a Radiant Heating System

  • Fuel Efficiency, about 5c per kw hour for natural gas
  • Reduced Electrical Heating Costs
  • Quick Heat Recovery
  • Comfortable, Gentle Heating
  • Various Design Options
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimal Maintenance

Radiant Heating is available in two options: High or Low intensity. Click the links below to view our Radiant Heating product brochures. The most efficient heating solution for commercial spaces, workshops, garages, sportshalls, churches, outdoor terraces and smoking area heating

Brochures are available here

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Trigomax | Condensing for Radiant Tube Heaters

How do you make your installation more efficient?

Use the TRIGOMAX to increase the efficiency of the low intensity heaters by 10%. It operates in the same way as a condensing bolier, re using the heat from the flue gas, exchanging the heat with fresh air on one side and passing flu gas on the other. The heated air is then used to add to the heating requirments for the space being heater.

Click Here to see the brochure on The Trigomax.

Warm Air Heaters

We supply and install the highly efficient and reliable Minijet Series of Warm air heaters, delivering a certified 92% plus energy efficiency rating. Clean burn, gas fired. These are extremely effective heaters available in a robust stainless steel or powder coated finish.

These warm air gas heaters have the following options to improve the energy efficiencey to 100%: Gas Fired(Nat gas or LPG), Modulating, Condensing, suitable for a variety of uses such as;

  • Recreational Facilities and sports halls
  • Showrooms and Garages
  • Distribution Centres
  • Print, textile Shops
  • Indoor Play Areas and creches
  • Retail Buildings
  • Warehouse
  • Manufacturing Facilities and packing halls
  • Low ceiling areas

Click Here to see the brochure on Warm Air Heaters

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