What is Radiant Heat? How Radiant Heating and Radiant Heating Systems Work?

Its like feeling warm in the sun on a cold day

Radiant heating produces infrared heating rays that heat people and objects directly. These rays of energy are absorbed by cool surfaces which then warm up. The objects in turn release heat into the atmosphere by convection, which raises the ambient temperature. The warmed objects thus create a heatsink which allows allows for quick heat recovery and greater comfort at low temperatures. For these reasons Radiant heating is extremely efficient for large spaces, unlike warmair heaters or floor standing air blowers that heat only the air which in turn is lost to the roof space or outside once a door is opened.

Radiant heating works efficiently both indoors and outdoors(for example at recreation and sports facilities).

The Benefits of Installing a Radiant Heating System:

  • Radiant heating systems have many benefits
  • Fuel Efficiency
  • Reduced Electrical Heating Costs
  • Quick Heat Recovery
  • Comfortable, Gentle Heating
  • Various Design Options
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Minimal Maintenance 

Why Use Gas?

Gas and Gas Heating Solutions - A better option to run your heating application on!

Gas has many benefits:

  • Its clean burning and produces far less emissions and CO2 than oil or peat
  • Its versatile, easy to install and available as Natural Gas or LPG (tank or bottles)
  • Produces instant heat when used with high intensity heater applications
  • Provides significant savings when compared to the Kwh running costs of electricity and other fossil fuels, such as oil
  • Gas burners are extremely efficient and operate quietly, producing an even comfortable heat
  • Gas is Efficient and Cost Effective
  • Natural gas costs 5c per Kw
  • LPG(tank or bottles) costs 7c per Kw
  • Electricity costs upto 21c per Kw
  • Oil costs c. 8c per Kwh, But burns with 25% less efficiency
  • To run a 6kw electric costs €1.26 per hour. Compare this to the same size gas heater which costs 30c per hour

Always use a Registered Gas Installer. Gas Solutions Ireland is registered with the RGII