Gas Heating

We are specialist providers of gas heating solutions and heating systems in Ireland, including the Minijet Series of Warm air heaters, Trigomax and Radiant Tube Systems.

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Electric Heating

Climate Solutions provide a complete range of Electric Heating Systems. These are ideally suited to outdoor smoking areas in hotels, bars and restaurants. They provide instant heat and can be automatically controlled for better operating efficiency.

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Drying Technology

Since 1958, our partner, GoGaS has been working in the field of heat treatment processes like drying, coating and pre-heating. This includes the engineering, design, and manufacturing of drying plants for the paper, textile, steel, aluminium, plastics, ceramics, fiber cement, food, and other industry.

Depending on the customer’s requirement GoGaS delivers convection dryers, combined radiation and convection dryers, and infrared dryers.

Today we are more than ever working in the field of research and development concerning infrared. The development of the short wave burner RADIMAX is representative for this.

With our products we can offer a solution for almost any request.

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We supply and install the FUMEX range of extraction equipment. FUMEX(Sweden) have more than 30 years experience in creating and maintaining quality work environments.

Our products and solutions are designed to eliminate hazardous particles and gases from a wide range of environments. The perfect solution for garages/halls, workshops, pharmaceutical laboratories, engineering workshops, automotive applications, exhaust fumes etc.

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